Make videos more efficiently.

Better videos are hidden behind semi-transparent glass.

Fluency is important

Nowadays, product videos and live streams have become a common part of communication on the Internet. However, fluent speech in front of the camera is uncomfortable and complicated for most of us. Great help can be a  teleprompter. A device with semi-transparent glass, where you can put a tablet/smartphone with a pre-prepared script. The reader will allow us to drop some of the concerns and avoid unnecessary bloopers or inaccurate statements. The teleprompter will help with fluent speech while maintaining eye contact with the viewer.

What is the magic?

The basis of the reading device is semi-transparent glass, which ensures the reflection of flowing text from the display (usually a tablet or a mobile phone) towards a speaker who reads this text from the glass. Thanks to the qualities of the glass, it is possible to place the recording device behind it, so that the speaker can look directly into the camera.

(1) video camera; (2) screen; (3) tablet / monitor;
(4) semi-transparent glass; (5) the direction of the speaker ́s view; (6) text reflection towards the speaker

Teleprompter usage

Working with the FOMEI teleprompter is very easy. Simple metal structure with durable elements can be ready for operation in a minute. Our device is designed for use primarily with tablets (the largest possible size is 12.9 inches - it is possible to use the largest iPad Pro), but if necessary, it is possible to use a smartphone. As a recording device, you can use DSLR or smartphone. To hold a smartphone, the package also includes a mobile phone holder and its  positioning joint.

The preparation of the filming itself has two steps, the first is the prepa- ration of a script and the second is the installation of the device itself. 

Script preparation

Prepare your text

In a text editor, you should prepare the video text you want to read through the device. The whole text can be saved in one file, however, for better orientation, we recommend dividing into individual parts.

Start the app

For the easiest use of the FOMEI tele- prompter, we recommend the Parrot Teleprompter app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android. After installing it, transfer the data directly to the application, for example by copying text from an e-mail.

This part is ready

After creating a new script in the appli- cation, you need to set the text inver- sion to compensate reflection of the semi-transparent glass. This feature is called „Mirror mode“ in Parrot Telepro- mpter app and can be found under the gear icon in the lower right corner.

Prompter set-up

Place prompter on a tripod

The reader can be attached via a 3/4 thread to any studio stand/tripod. We recommend firstly remove the spigot/ plate from the tripod, screw it onto the prompter and then attach the reader to the stand.

Flip the glass

Pull the silver glass frame to flip it to the operating position. It is necessary to be careful during this operation.

Mount camera/phone

Attach the camera over the 3/4 thread. Mobile phones can be mounted in holes closer to the glass to even out the diffe- rence in focal lengths.

Attach the lampshade

The lampshade is attached with Velcro to the other part of the zipper, which is glued to the construction of the promp- ter. The area around the lens should be sealed as much as possible with a velvet cover fabric.

Place the tablet in the holder

Place the tablet or mobile phone in the front holder. Maximal screen size of a device is 12.8 inches.

You are ready

After performing all the previous steps, the device is ready to use. After transferring the text to the app, you can start creating.

FOMEI 14" teleprompter

Solid build

Simple metal construction with maximum emphasis on simplicity and functionality.

Easy usage

Mount on a tripod, flip the glass over, mount the camera, place the tablet and you're ready to go.

Hi-quality glass

Coated glass that reflects / transmits light in a ratio of 40:60 without affecting the optical quality.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rene Tomaides
Product manager

Vitek Simek
Technical specialist